030522 Masterclass in Human Capital Management

Masterclass in Human Capital Management
This masterclass offers an understanding of the units of analysis: individuals, group, and systems in business organizations.

In this course, we will examine the role of human capital management in diagnosing behaviors and adopting practices that can improve organizational effectiveness through leadership. Organizational culture, leadership, and the management of stress are emphasized.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, a student will be able to:

– Develop a deep understanding of the organizational behavior and leadership models in the administration of effective human capital management practices.

– Examine the link between strategic human capital management and organizational behavior in improving organizational effectiveness.

– Draw substantial relationship between strategic human capital management and organizational leadership to obtain organizational goals.

– Analyze organizational cases to improve decision-making and competencies.

Course Pack

  • 3 sessions | 2.5 hours per session
  • CPD hours accredited by PRC
  • Activities include workshops, lecture, and project implementation

Who Should Participate

Filipino Human Resource (HR) Professionals, Business Owners, Investors

Class Schedule

Teaching & Learning Methodologies

Different teaching and learning methods will be adopted in class to help students achieve the course learning outcomes and to encourage student participation, creativity and interaction with each other. Methods include lectures, focus group discussion, video, and case analysis.

Course Outline
  1. Human Capital Management Framework
    A. What is Human Capital Management
    B. The strategic Role of HCM in today’s world
    C. Different challenges in HCM
    D. Designing HCM strategies
    E. How to measure effectiveness of human capital investments
  2. Designing HCM Strategy
    A. McKInsey 7s Framework
    B. Practices and New developments in HCM
  3. The Legal Environment: Employee and Labor Relations
  4. Business Case Studies

Registration fee

AED 500 Very Early Bird Rate
  • CPD Credits on the certificate
  • Free online course materials
  • Free consultation with the speaker

Profile Of The Speaker​

Joy Soliman Distor


– Current President of Fil-HR Abu Dhabi / Al Ain

– Handles HR Operations with an American Brand Auto Dealer located in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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