011422 Masterclass In Supply Chain Management

Masterclass in Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management is regarded as a systematic business process that includes activities and strategies that can efficiently integrate suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses and distribution network so that the product is produced and distributed in the right quantity, right quality to the right locations and clients, at the right time.

Inevitably, problems arise in the supply chain such as delays in production and delivery of materials and/or finished goods, poor demand forecast, overstocking and under-stocking, large number of suppliers and distributors, unmanaged suppliers and logistics problems. In view of the aforesaid, there is a need to efficiently manage the different components of the Supply Chain. For manufacturers, Production Planning System is very important in minimizing problems of overproduction or lack of items to deliver. An effective Purchasing Management ensures that all supplies and materials needed by the consumers/clients are procured on time with high consideration for the quality and price of goods being purchased. Effective Inventory Management, on the other hand, is an attempt to maintain an adequate supply of goods in the warehouse while minimizing inventory costs at the same time. An efficient inventory system, therefore, ensures availability of materials whenever needed. Logistics Management, another component of Supply Chain Management, is directly concerned with efficient handling and delivery of goods which utilizes effective strategies to attain this end.

In this seminar, the seminar participants will be able to integrate the concepts of effective Production Planning, efficient management of Purchasing, Warehouse and Inventory, as well as Logistics in order to attain a successful Supply Chain Management.

Course Objectives

At the end of this seminar, the participants will be able to:
• Efficiently plan production by adopting the most logical planning method
• Procure materials and supplies by adopting different purchasing strategies
• Prevent occurrence of overstocking, under-stocking and non-availability of supplies through and efficient inventory system
• Determine accurately the reorder point of their supplies and materials
• Increase inventory accuracy level by application of different inventory control methods.
• Determine the logical strategies in logistics
• Reduce the different wastes in logistics

Course Outline

Course Pack

  • 4 sessions | 2 hours per sessions
  • CPD hours accredited by PRC

Who Should Participate

  • Supplies Procurement/Purchasing officers
  • Warehouse Custodians
  • Warehouse Inventory Clerks
  • Purchasing Supervisors
  • Warehouse Supervisors,
  • Logistics Supervisors/Officers

Class Schedule

Registration fee

AED 350 Very Early Bird Rate
  • CPD Credits on the certificate
  • Free online course materials
  • Free consultation with the speaker

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