Accounting System: Select.Procure.Design.Implement

Accounting System_ Select.Procure.Design.Implement

Working in a multi-cultural, diverse and highly dynamic business environment, Dubai has become the seat of all technological explorations and expansions, across all industries.  With the advancement in technology and tools, the accounting system which sets the backbone of the company’s information has transformed its role from mere records of history to a lens into the future and beyond.

Here are the answers to our WHY for creating this course:

  • Cloud Based Systems – many accounting firms are now using cloud-based systems to streamline all of their information. Cloud-based systems allow anyone to access data, logon to systems immediately on real-time. Learning the cloud-based systems and its usefulness in the practice and effective execution of accountants.
  • More Diverse Roles for the Accountant – if there is one dreaded role of accounting professionals are the very tedious and tiresome task of compiling and computing data.  However, with the advancement of technology, processes can now be in a click of a button.  What used to be in piles of folders and papers are now stored in a pen.  So imagine how your work should have lessened over time… or have you been outpaced with technology that your role has remained stuck?
  • The Focus is now beyond Numbers – the role of accountants as evolved into a more specialized and strategic role.  Valued accountants have more specific and value-adding roles in the organization.  Financial planning, strategic management, financial management, risk assessment and risk management roles are what the companies need from you.  Enhance your value.

As an accountant in the age of smart technology, it is necessary to stay up-to-date with the most recent advances in technologies to be competitive and increase your productivity.  Take the challenge and look further into all the intriguing ways technology has changes the accounting industry and practices.

In this course, we will journey with you in developing the right mindsets towards a more technologically inclined accountants with the wider perspectives of enhancing your value to your organization. 

We hope to stir the enthusiasm of highly-driven excellent professionals we were designed for, and be truly a VALUE-ADD to our businesses and companies.

We invite you to join in for our Accounting Systems Webinar Course. A 4-session online course where we will highlight and develop your level of understanding in any accounting and ERP systems within your organization, or plan to have in the organization. Needless to say, some of us are merely users and when errors come, we miss to perform a system check on the reasonableness of related transactions.

This course sets the foundation of your skillsets to understand the basis of system implementations at creates an essential fabric to your understanding of the more complex systems.

Register and see the full details of the course here:

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