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About the Book

This is a powerful book and your ultimate guide in creating wealth through the Passive Income from Stocks Ownership. The author used a simplified approach that you can easily understand and execute, whether you have a background in finance or not.

The PISO Master is full of great insights backed by 17 years of experience in stock market and listed companies. This book will teach you how you can use the stock market as your platform in creating wealth, or at a minimum, as your second source of income.

The knowledge you will get from this book is worth a million and will be very helpful if you want to take your investments to the next level by developing your own algorithm to execute various trading strategies. After completing this book, you will have a much stronger background on financial markets, ready to go to the next stage — gaining from your expertise!

In this book, you will master the following important areas in making wealth out of Passive Income from Stocks Ownership, which covers the essential topics for beginners and advanced investors and traders:

• Philippine and Global Markets
• Investment opportunities, risks and different investment vehicles
• Crucial information on understanding how the stock market works
• Important details on taking advantage of capital appreciation and dividends
• Investment analysis and due diligence
• Fundamental analysis covering macroeconomics, industry analysis and financial analysis
• Valuation methods of a stock
• Technical analysis using indicators and oscillators
• 52-week High/Low Analysis
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Identifying signals to buy, sell or hold strategy
• Mastering the “candlesticks”
• Investment risk management
• Stock trading strategies
• Corporate scandals and insider trading
• …and many more!

Bonus!!! There will be PISO Master comments, tips and recommendations as your bonus points in this book!

Importantly, you will meet my “best employee” in this book, who works for me 24/7 and constantly gives me exceptional performance — his name is “Mr. Piso”.

Do you want him to be your employee and work for you also? In this book, you will find out how!

I know you can be wealthy! You can be successful! Just do it!

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All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced
in any form or any electronic means, including information stored in
a retrieval system, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission in writing from the Author.

Author: Lyndon Magsino

ISBN 978-621-02-0871-9

For information about permission
to reproduce selections from this book,
write to Philippine Business School.
Website: www.PhBusinessSchool.com
Email: Books@PhBusinessSchool.com

Publisher: Central Books Supply Inc.
Published in the Philippines

Testimonials about the PISO Master

“This is a no-nonsense book built through years of discipline and practice. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to master the Stock Market. Great book, great read!”
Mr. Francis Kong | Columnist |The Philippine Star

“When investing, do it in the PISO Master way! This book is an excellent guide to
your financial security through stocks investing.”
Ambassador Crescente Relacion | Ambassador / Lawyer | Department of Foreign Affairs

“PISO Master walks you through the fundamentals of investing that is encouraging and not intimidating… a great book for a significant reward in investing.”
Dr. Maria Victoria Tibon | Professor | DLSU Manila

“A very useful book for beginners and advanced investors. It is a worthy read because it is best to learn from the best.”
Atty. Rachel Uy-San Juan | Chief Counsel | R.Uy-San Juan & Associates

“This book is a must-read if you like to become well-versed on the essential underpinning knowledge for stock opportunities. I highly recommend this book!”
Dr. Rodiel Ferrer | Professor | DLSU Manila





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About the Author

Lyndon Magsino, CPA

Lyndon has been a keynote speaker for several international conferences and seminars in the US, UAE, Qatar and Philippines, on the topics related to Business Strategy, Stock Market, Banking Risk Management, Internal Controls and Global Leadership.

He was an Advisor to central banks, global banks and regional banks in the Middle East.

He is a recipient of the prestigious ‘Global Professional Scholarship Program’ for the Global Executive Master of Business Administration at Hult International Business School, based in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA. He also completed the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard.

He has been providing advisory services to global and publicly listed companies for over 17 years and served as a faculty member at the De La Salle University Manila and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

Lyndon is a Certified Public Accountant (Philippines), Certified Internal Auditor (US-CIA), Certified Risk Management Assurance (US-CRMA) and Certified Financial Services Auditor (US-CFSA), and also passed the US-CPA exams in California USA.

Part of his community services are the following:

• Founder of the Philippine Business School in the UAE
• Founder & Chairman of the Philippine Institute of CPAs – Dubai
• Founder & Chairman of the Philippine Institute of CPAs – Qatar
• CEO of the Philippine Business Council – Qatar



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