0709 Masterclass in Accounting System – Procure, Design, Implement

Course Description

Several accounting professionals have the been using accounting systems from basics to the most complex ERPs.  However, the inadequate foundation for the understanding of the selection, assessment, design and implementation of accounting system in a project management leaves some users at the background, when you should be on the front row and help the business procure, design and implement the accounting system that works best for the business needs.

This course will provide the strong foundation on the end-to-end factors, elements and risks associated with the procurement and implementation of accounting systems.

Course Outline / Overview

When it comes to software implementation, without thorough research, there’s a risk that you’ll purchase a system that’s woefully under powered and barely suited to your business’ needs. If you get it wrong, at best, you’ll have a training management system that does about half the things you actually need it to do. At worst, you’ll be stuck with a white elephant no one’s using, but you’re still paying for.

Successful software implementation rests on one key factor: strong leadership.

Remember, it starts with you.

This webinar highlights your level of understanding in any accounting and ERP systems within your organization, or plan to have in the organization.  Needless to say, some of us are merely users and when errors come, we miss to perform a system check on the reasonableness of related transactions.  This course sets the foundation of your skillsets to understand the basis of system implementations at creates an essential fabric to your understanding of the more complex systems.

1. Project Initiation

Based on initial project discovery discussions during the software selection process, this phase should clarify the context of the project, i.e. governance / leadershiop, objectives, scope, risks, assumptions, deliverables, timelines and synergy with other departments.

2. Technical Installation

This should clearly define the development of a technical plan, available data, data migration, and milestone signoffs.

3. Project Team Training

This training equips the users’ staff with the knowledge required for them to participate in the accounting system implementation project – however this may instead happen during the Project Initiation.

4. System Design

This phase must include design workshops to cover the business requirements, functions, design areas, transactions, processes, controls, outputs, etc.

5. System Configuration

This phase involves the configuration of the accounting system, as defined in the System Design Document.

6. User Acceptance

This plan must be agreed in advance with the customer, whose responsibility it is to carry out.

Plus a checklist of system selection and implementation, Risk Assessment Template for Project Implementation, and Project Management Guidelines.

Learning Outcomes

System Implementation Checklist

Risk Assessments on Project Implementation

Project Management Guidelines (on Accounting system implementation)

Textbook and other Supplemental Material

Materials will be provided during the full course.

Teaching & Learning Methodologies

Lecture, workshop and project implementation

Expected Participants

Bookkeepers, Accountants, CFOs, CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn about accounting software

No. of sessions

2 sessions of 4 hours course


CPD hours credited by PRC

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Course Includes

  • Course Certificate