eCourse: Creating Passive Income from Stocks Ownership

Creating Passive Income from Stocks Ownership


This course is designed to help everyone regardless your finance background to understand the essentials of investments in Stock Market. You will understand the general concepts of financial markets and economy. You will see the difference between primary and secondary markets and also look at various economic indicators and their influence on the markets.

Stock markets are places where individuals and institutional investors and traders come together to buy and sell shares in a public venue. Nowadays these exchanges exist as an “online marketplaces”.

What is a Stock Market?

The stock market is a place where shares of stock of publicly-listed companies are bought and sold.

A stock market (also known as an equity market or share market), is a collection of buyers and sellers of stocks. These stocks represent ownership interests in companies. These may include publicly or privately traded securities. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is an example of a share market.

After completing this course, you will have a much stronger background of financial markets and ready to go to the next stage — creating your passive income!

Mastering the following key topics

  • Stock Market
  • Characteristics of Stocks Exchange
  • Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)
  • Governance and Operations of PSE
  • Role of Securities and Exchange Commissions 
  • Top Stock Exchanges in the World

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