eCourse: Introduction to Technical Analysis in Stock Market and Investment

Introduction to Technical Analysis in Stock Market and Investment

Learn Technical Analysis like a Pro Stock Trader!

Technical analysis is a means of examining and predicting price movements in the financial markets, by using historical price charts and market statistics. It is based on the idea that if a trader can identify previous market patterns, they can form a fairly accurate prediction of future price trajectories.

Technical analysis is a methodology for forecasting the direction (upward, sideward, and downward) of stock prices through the study of past market data, primarily the price and volume.

If you think Technical Analysis will be helpful in your next trade and to become a successful investor, then this course is for you.​

Key Topics:

  • Price-Trend
  • Momentum
  • Volume
  • Volatility
  • Bid Price
  • Market Price
  • Indicators of Technical Analysis

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