0723 Masterclass in Office Administration

Schedule: July 23 & 30, 2021 Time: 10:00AM to 2:00PM
Philippine Business School · November 25, 2020


In every office, there is a go-to person that everyone knows can get things done and has the answers. The administrative assistant organizes, supervises, and solves problems so the office runs smoothly. Having an eye for detail, being able to handle multiple tasks at once, and communicating effectively are all important skills needed to be successful in this career.

At Philippine Business School, you can learn the technical and professional skills needed. Our office administration/executive assistant program is designed for management assistants interested in maximizing their potential for exercising greater responsibility beyond the present position.

If you are highly motivated, like working with people, are organized, and have excellent communication skills, the Leading Practices to program could provide you with the added skills you need to “move up” in your organization.



Upon completing this course, our goal is for you to learn and harness the skills and knowledge needed to become an effective and excellent office administrator in both online & offline working environment in proper fundamental & technical aspects.

Key Topics:

Lecture 1: Introduction

  • Overview on Administrative Professionals
  • Administrative Professional skill sets
  • Offline responsibilities and duties
  • Online responsibilities and duties
  • Universal Knowledge

Lecture 2: Psychological Aspects of Workplace Communication

  • Dealing with Different Types of Executives
  • Managerial Styles
  • Psychology of Professional Communication
  • Persuading your Boss
  • How to be and exceptional administrative professional?

Lecture 3: Principles of Effective Communication

  • Behavior vs Personality
  • Being Specific
  • Power of Questions

Lecture 4: Listening

  • Phone Etiquette
  • Communicate assertively

Lecture 5: Understanding Non-verbal Communication

  • Words, Tone, Body Language
  • Gestures & Postures for Openness to Communication
  • Gestures & Postures for Tension
  • Interpreting Body Language
  • Spotting Deception

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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons
  • 8 Topics
  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate