0430 Masterclass in Strategic Finance

Schedule: April 30, 2021 Time: 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Masterclass in Strategic Finance

This session is designed by the Philippine Business School to develop highly capable and socially responsible Finance professionals from managerial level to C-Suite level. It is designed to have a wide perspective on the role of Finance Function that is very strategic and crucial in achieving business success — rather than being a “historical-based Accountant”. Finance professionals always face a never-ending pressure to cut costs, grow revenue, and ensure appropriate controls. Economic uncertainty, increased regulatory requirements, financial re-statements, and increased investor scrutiny have forced them into the spotlight.

The program enables the participants to become critical thinkers, technically proficient, and socially responsible as corporate leaders. PBS takes a hand-on and output-based approach as a response to the global demand for strategic finance expertise.

Among its many faces, a Finance professional, Manager, Director or the CFOs should be a “Strategist” and take a seat at the strategy planning table and help influence the KPIs and overall future direction of the company. They are vital in providing financial leadership and aligning Critical Success Factors of the business and finance strategy to grow the business. In addition to Management Reporting and Strategic Finance roles, the Finance professionals have an integral role in supporting other long-term investments of the company.

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