Talkmaster – Bronze Level


It is important to sharpen your communication skills to increase productivity and increase the chance for career opportunities, job promotions, and overall business success! Those with excellent communication skills get their message across clearly and effectively. Reduce conflict, achieve your sales target or increase your chance for promotion and career growth by boosting your ability to communicate.

We perfectly understand where you are, that’s why we have created the PBS Talkmaster!  We want you to overcome the cultural barriers and become effective communicators in a multicultural environment. 


  • To understand the channels of effective communication.
  • To develop self-awareness and understand the cultural backgrounds to overcome shyness and timidity. 
  • To improve one’s ability to accurately and clearly transmit and receive his/her message to the intended audience in the most effective and acceptable manner possible.
  • To see actual applications of the principles of effective communication.
  • To overcome anxieties and jitters when expressing oneself
  • Learn how to put into context one’s ideas and opinions and influence others

Who Should Participate
• Those who seek to improve themselves and build their confidence in a corporate environment
• Those in charge of the customer service
• Those who want to improve their communication skills


March 01, 2019 (11:00AM to 6:00PM)

Important Note:

As part of PBS continuous support to all aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, all PBS Alumni will have free business coaching (1-hour) for their business concepts, business plan or strategy within 6 months from the date of completing any relevant program. For further details, please call our Admin Team.

We also have coffee sessions for all PBS Talkmaster Alumni towards continuous improvement in the workplace.


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