dont miss the forest for the trees

Do not miss the Forest for the Trees

by: Christine Filomeno, CPA

Did you miss to appreciate the bigger picture because you were too close to the details? Did you fail to launch a big project because you were drawn to the fear of something that was only a fraction of the bigger plan?  Did you lose years in your life wandering around the same thing because you missed to move onwards?

If you did, then “You miss the forest for the trees…”

Daily Routines vs. KPIs and Goals.

Most often, we follow the same routine everyday of our lives, work, home, groceries, Friday night-outs, etc. After 5 years in the same routine, we wonder, how can this university classmate made it big in the past 5 years while I am stuck where I've been? If you do what you've always done, you always get what you always got. While routine is great to allow you a focus of the things to do daily, never miss to make a goal you want to achieve in your life. Along that goal, break it up to key milestones (Key Performance Indicators KPIs) which you will accomplish in short-term. See your life at a bigger picture, and start something outside the routine to create something outside the comfort zone! Challenge new horizons closer to your goal.

Spending vs. Saving

At the time of crises crunch, we scramble on the few savings left, run to few friends on the fear of not having enough funds to sustain the lifestyle. Fear starts to sink in, "what if I lose my job? Where will I go? I don't have enough for rent or food!" If you look around your cupboards and closet, there can be things there that still has price tags. You could have shoes you've never worn, clothes that never touched your washing machine and even some gadgets you only used once. You could have deferred that travel until you saved up enough instead of incurring more delay payment penalties for using the credit card just because you wanted to save some bucks on "travel tour promotion!". Spending for what meets the eyes because it was on sale may not necessarily address what you actually need. Saving for rainy days is looking at the bigger picture that life isn't always a bed of roses. Our jobs are not always as rosy as they may seem. Our health may also break us down. That's why insurances are important. Plan Bs are essential. Savings need to be a forced expense.

Symptoms vs. Root Cause

Soured friendships overturned by gossips and miscommunication, broken relationships because of few cracks, job loss because someone better has come along, missed promotion, need to leave the job because it was too toxic.... the list seems endless. In most cases, these instances have their symptoms before it came to fruition. There had been symptom that were so apparent and we refused to address the root cause. We miss the see the indicators that shows us there are reasons behind this, see the bigger picture! Perhaps in most of these, we are the root cause. Our perceptions and biases clouded our perspective to see things in the shoes of another person. Instead of addressing the root cause, we dwell on the symptoms. Hence the problem remains. Nip it at the bud! Don't miss to connect that branches of the trees that make up the forest!

Blame vs. Taking Accountability

In certain instances in life, we see ourselves as victim of the situation and finds reasons to blame others for it. Instead of stand up, owning the responsibility for the things around us and taking action. Taking accountability means taking charge. Being rational and objective, looking at bigger picture. Knowing that sometimes we need to fail to learn, and take accountability over that you can bounce off on stronger feet the next time around.

I always believe that my life is a canvass.  We have a free hand to paint the picture of the life we want to have.  This decision we make everyday of our lives. But I also believe that someone takes the ownership on making my life’s canvass a masterpiece.  Though we walk in the valleys of darkness, faith reminds me that those moments are important to make up the masterpiece designed for my life.  While I am painting at canvass in my life, I pray everyday that I would see things in the eyes of my Creator, that I may “never miss the forest for the trees”.

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