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Why PBS eMasterclass is unique and best platform for you?

Our programs are designed to bring the Philippine Business School classroom to you, and are built around five key characteristics:


PBS eMasterclass courses are not typical sit-back-and-listen lectures. The courses are engaging and interesting, focusing on high quality learning.


Learn new skills anywhere and complete the program as per your schedule. You can download the Certificate in real-time.


All courses are delivered by Subject Matter Experts, who attained mastery of the topic from real-world experiences.


Immerse yourself in real-world learning. Lessons are brought to life through real cases and actual experiences, which put you in the shoes of business leaders, great investors and successful professionals.


As a big part of what makes PBS eMasterclass unique, you also have the option to attend the campus-based courses and exchange ideas from the global community of learners.

Learn from the Master. Succeed like a Pro.

Top speakers, instructors and subject matter experts educate thousands of Global Filipinos. We provide the tools and skills to teach what you love.

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